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ICT Mahidol organized “MUICT-AST The Series: The Best of 2023” on the topics, “Introduction to Chinese” and “Introduction to English”

On May 13, 2023 – the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), organized “MUICT-AST The Series: The Best of 2023”. On this occasion, Mr. Peter Chien, the Chinese Activity Leader, served as the keynote speaker on the topic “Introduction to Chinese,” and Mr. Brian Marcar, the English Instructor, was the speaker for “Introduction to English” via Webex Meetings, with approximately 50 individuals participating in each session.

The “MUICT-AST The Series: The Best of 2023” is a project provided by the Faculty of ICT as free academic services. It aims to improve the ICT abilities of individuals, regardless of age or gender. The training will be conducted online every Saturday, starting from May 13th, 2023 to June 10th, 2023, and will cover seven topics, including Introduction to Chinese and English, Basic C Programming, Cybersecurity, Computer Networks, UX/UI Design Fundamentals, and Usability Testing Fundamentals.